JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Hurricane Harvey is even delaying the funeral of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office’s oldest retired member, who passed away this week at 100 years old.

Sgt. Earl Williamson joined JSO in 1942, and served 22 years before retiring in 1964. His last trip home has been delayed but his family finds it a bit humorous.

"His goal had always been to live to 100 years of age," Clyde Beahm said about his father-in-law.

On July 16th, Williamson celebrated his last birthday at age 100, making him the JSO’s oldest retired member.
"He was an amazing person," Beahm said.

"Very proud to be a police officer," said Earlene Beahm, Williamson’s daughter.

Williamson joined JSO in 1942 and worked as a patrolman for 22 years before retiring. His daughter Earlene shared with First Coast news some of her fondest memories.

"He took me to school in the police car and a neighbor of ours by the time I got in school. He said everybody thought I had been arrested and brought to school and when I got out of the car my father looked at me and said if I catch you again I'm gonna run you in."

At age 93, he moved to Houston to live with his daughter and son-in-law. He passed away Wednesday.

His family was planning on having his memorial service here in Jacksonville. But, Hurricane Harvey has delayed their plans.

"He got us out of Houston and now he's stuck. That's just ironic knowing Earl,” said Beahm who says he thinks Williamson planned it that way. "I think he probably did knowing him he had a great sense of humor and enjoyed life immensely."