JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- A Jacksonville Sheriff's patrol officer has been arrested for allegedly falsifying records to get paid for hours he did not work, Undersheriff Pat Ivey announced Friday.

Officer Frank Holtsman is facing one count of official misconduct and one count of scheme to defraud, Ivey said. Both charges are felonies.

Ivey said they were tipped off that Holtsman was claiming that he was working off-hours for businesses that had contracts with JSO to provide security at the same time he was getting paid by the Sheriff's office for "on duty" work.

Ivey said Holtsman was placed under surveillance for a 10 day period, in which he allegedly filed for about $900 of pay that he was not allowed under JSO rules to get. Holtsman was being paid for providing security for local homeowners associations a times he was also being paid for patrol duties with the Sheriff's Office, Ivey said.

"He continued this behavior over the time that we watched him." Ivey said.

Undersheriff Pat Ivey announces Holtsman's arrest   PHOTO: First Coast News

Holtsman, a nearly 15 year veteran of JSO, has voluntarily gone on suspension without pay during the investigation. Ivey said he recommends that Holtsman be fired at the end of the process.

Through his career, Holtsman has five-and-a-half pages of complaints. They range from several citizen complaints of harassment, improper action, in addition to a vehicle accident.

Many of those complaints were found not to be true, but some led to supervisor referral letters, counseling and training.

"You see my eyes, that's long, that's very very long. and I'm not saying he's guilty of anything in that history, I'm just saying that's a lot of complaints on the perspective of the individuals or citizens he's come in contact with," said Ivey.

Holtsman was arrested Friday morning and will make a first court appearance.

Ivey said Holtsman is the sixth JSO employee to be arrested in 2017. There were 11 arrested in all of 2016.

"The Sheriff expects accountability of his officers." Ivey said.