Jacksonville, Fla -- A Sergeant with the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office called Officer Timothy James to a gas station on Atlantic Blvd because his car was able to transport two brothers who'd been arrested there.

The brothers, 18-year-old Abel Campos and a 17-year-old minor, were wanted on warrants from the Orlando area.

Waiting and handcuffed in the back of the car, the 17-year-old said he had been hit twice.

"The sergeant shines his flashlight and looks and there's no sign of injury, no sign of anything," said Undersheriff Pat Ivey in a press conference Saturday.

A third encounter, however, proved to be more forceful.

According to Ivey, Officer James got into the back seat of the patrol car and repeatedly punched the 17-year-old drawing blood and forcing another officer to ask him to stop multiple times.

JSO said it arrested James and charged him with misdemeanor battery.

"I hope my brother is all right. I don't know how he is," said Jesus Campos who came to Jacksonville after hearing his brother was arrested and injured.

At Jesus' brother's first appearance in court on Sunday, Jesus told First Coast News that his brother's right eye was swollen, he had scrapes on the side of his head and had a bloodshot eye. Jesus said he looked terrible.

"I never thought it would happen to my brothers. That's it. I'm kind of shocked," he said. "His conditions are horrible, I never thought her would be that brutalized. I can't imagine what he was like yesterday at this hospital."

The younger of the Campos brothers will be back in court on June 21.

Before Saturday's arrest, an officer named Timothy James has been under investigation at least twice this year.

JSO says rules prohibit them from confirming the investigations involve the same officer.

"I'm telling you I've arrested Officer James for this. I'll say this. I'm aware of an incident that happened at University Hospital and we are investigating," Undersheriff Ivey said Saturday.

Two months ago, Officer Timothy James possibly spit and use force on a bi-polar man at UF Health.

Then last month, Officer Timothy James hit and killed a pedestrian driving patrol car 183, the same one he had at UF Health.

"We were a little suspect because of the previous incident," said family attorney John Phillips.

He says Officer James was on administrative leave after the fatal crash. If the same cop, Phillips says he wasn't notified Officer James was back on duty.

"We don't know. And so the question is when you're involved in something traumatic like that, was he psychologically cleared? Was it too soon for him?" Phillips said.

The officer's police powers have been revoked according to JSO.

If he decides to come back to work, he'll be put on desk duty until the investigation is complete.