The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is searching a body of water in Yulee Thursday afternoon after they received a tip that there might be evidence from a fatal hit and run that took the lives of three people last year.

Both Sheriff Leeper with the Nassau County Sheriff's Office and Christian Hancock with JSO confirmed the JSO dive team is searching a body of water near US-17 and Crady Lake Drive.

The search appeared to have turned up empty.

Authorities believe that the vehicle was involved in the crash killed Curtiss Carlisle, 24, Kyle Cassani, 23, and Allison Bushey, 21 last March. The three were driving along Duval Station Road heading to River City Marketplace after a UFC event when they were struck by another car, causing a fiery crash into a tree.

Family members of those killed had already gathered in Northeast Florida to commemorate the one year anniversary of the crash. They rushed to the scene when they heard about the search.

“On the way here I literally had an anxiety attack because I want to know," Kyle Cassani’s mom Lisa Askren, who is in town from Seattle to spend the anniversary with family, said.

"I want to know desperately. But every time we’ve come I’ve wanted to know answers and we still don’t have answers.”

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Curtiss Carlisle's mother, Jennifer, urged the public to continue providing tips on the case.

“The detective said the tips that have come in since the crash are consistent, it’s just a matter of just needing more pieces to the puzzle," Carlisle said.

“One day all those pieces are gonna fall together and we will have those answers," Askren said.