JSO confirms 29-year-old Terrence Randolph King was involved in both the Lakeshore Wells Fargo bank robbery and the SWAT standoff on Jacksonville's Westside on Friday.

Around 9:15 on Friday morning, King, who was wearing a "distinctive batman-style mask, produced a handgun and demanded money from the tellers who were present inside the bank at that time," said Ron Lendvay, Director of Investigations of Homeland Security.

Investigative leads from the bank, located on San Juan Ave., led officers to a home at 7584 Patrice Court. Police arrived here 20 minutes after the bank robbery, Lendvay said.

When police first arrived at the home they talked with a female resident (Lendvay said it was King’s girlfriend) and four children (Lendvay said King was the father of two of the children). Lendvay couldn’t confirm this was King’s home.

The officers on-scene spoke with King, who was armed with a handgun, over the phone and asked him to come outside. King opened the door, stepped partially outside, and fired one shot from his handgun before closing the door, according to JSO. When King opened the door again, Detective R.L. Johnson fired 6 shots from his rifle. King was struck once in his right hip by Johnson, a 22-year veteran, JSO said. Johnson was placed on administrative leave through JSO's normal protocols.

Lendvay said King made phone calls out to family members and during those calls "he was apologetic and expressed remorse for a bad decision he had made earlier that morning."

King died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, police said.

The "unique mask" that King wore during the robbery and the money from the bank was found in his car, which was parked at the Patrice Court home, according to JSO.

JSO said King was a convicted felon.