JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- Surveillance video that may show police brutality in the aggravated assault case against Russell Tillis may was concealed from police and prosecutors, court filings in the case obtained by First Coast News show.

Tillis is accused in two pending cases: the alleged dismemberment and murder of a prostitute found buried in his backyard, the other an aggravated assault on police charge.

The states' Fourth Supplemental Discovery Exhibit, which became available late Wednesday, discloses that one of Tillis’ neighbors told prosecutors that a second neighbor had essentially hidden video surveillance from the night of Tillis arrest.

First Coast News is not naming the second neighbor, who has not been charged with a crime.

Prosecutors say the neighbor told them that the second neighbor concealed the video because quote “it shows the officers beating Russell Tillis” and because “you can hear on the video surveillance Russell Tillis saying 'don’t kill me'.”

As First Coast News first reported Monday, Tillis’ attorneys also contend that police failed to turn over a second piece of video evidence that they believe could be exculpatory to their client. That evidence, they say, was given to police but never turned over to the defense.

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First Coast News has reached out to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for comment on these latest allegations.

A hearing on all of these issues is scheduled for Friday morning.