JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Salvation Army in Jacksonville is sending its mobile kitchen to Texas to help with the relief efforts following Hurricane Harvey.

The canteen, or mobile kitchen, is equipped with its own stove top, refrigerators, ovens, and a generator. It has the capability of serving 1,500 meals a day and will be sent to Texas on Tuesday with two workers.

Salvation Armys from around the country have dispatched a total of 42 canteens to Texas already, but as Harvey moves through the state, more aid is needed. The canteen in Jacksonville is one of seven in the state that will be deployed this week to help.

"Our major issue is going to be flooding and of course that means there's going to be a lot of evacuees," said Major Rob Vincent, Northeast Florida Area Commander for Salvation Army. "The canteen is going to Pensacola form here, and then it will assigned a final destination in Texas," he said.

Mike Ellis has been with the Salvation Army for three years. He is one of the volunteers heading to Texas to help. He plans to be there for two weeks to cook and serve meals to thousands of people.

"My bags are pretty much packed and I could be going any time they request us," said Ellis. "I'm mentally prepared for whatever I see out there. I was in the navy so I'm used to cooking for 2,500 people," he said.

The Salvation Army says the best way to help is by donation financially instead of through tangible items.

You can text "STORM" to 51555 to donate $10, or you can donate online here.

As it stands, Hurricane Harvey is no more but has downgraded into a Tropical Storm. However, that does not mean that the danger is over. Texas is seeing mass amounts of flooding. The state is seeing so much flooding that the National Weather Service for the area advised that people retreat to their roofs if the highest floor in their homes because flooded.

First Coast News' sister station KHOU 11 News in Houston had to evacuate due to the flooding:

The flooding is incredibly dangerous at this time:

Our thoughts are with Texas as they go through this torrential storm.