JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—A mother of four was planning to spend the upcoming holidays in the home they've been renting - until two weeks days ago, that is.

"Christmas is coming up, Thanksgiving is coming up, so I thought I was good," said Somaya Jones.

Jones plans changed abruptly and Wednesday she is in a quandary.

"Now I have to find another home," she said.

Back in February, she signed a year lease with R.H.M.G., a Tampa based company. She said she found the North Jacksonville house listed on Zillow.com.

The teacher's assistant said the home is the perfect size for her family: four bedrooms two baths. The rent is perfect her budget - $1300 a month - but now she knows it was a bad deal from the start.

The property has been facing foreclosure since 2015, but Jones said she did not know its status was in the courts.

"I met Kaylee here and she gave me a tour. She looked like she actually owned it or representing the ownership," said Jones.

It became clear that she wasn't by Oct. 5, when Jones received a Fed Ex letter from the attorney representing DHI mortgage. It told her she has to vacate the property.

"Oh my God what am I going to do," said Jones. "That was my reaction."

Court records and the records at the Property Appraiser's office revealed the property has been in trouble since 2015.

The owners divorced shortly after DHI Mortgage began foreclosure proceedings.

Records from the property appraiser show that during the divorse process, the person that still lived in the house decided to 'Quit Claim' the property to Riverstone Way Land Trust, which shares the same address as R.H.M.G. (Residential Home Management Group).

Jones said she has made several attempts to reach Kaylee or Michael Chancey with R.H.M.G. and her calls are going to voicemail and there has been no response.

"They're like Casper the friendly ghost, they're gone," she said.

On Your Side also made several calls to the company and got the same results: voicemail and no return calls.

The Better Business Bureau also received no answer to its inquiries from other tenants. Those tenants filed a complaint with the BBB after finding out the property they were renting was in foreclosure. The BBB has given R.H.M.G. an 'F' rating.

Jones has filed a complaint with Florida's Attorney General and she is waiting on the outcome.

"It is a lesson learned," she said. "I just want people to be careful where you put your money - make sure it is legit."