JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For the second time in two years, an incident at the Raines-Lee High School football game caused a panic Friday night.

A First Coast News sports reporter said she was on field and people “started sprinting back this way from exit. Coaches were yelling to get down.”

A Florida Times-Union reporter said there were no gunshots, but a “dust-up on campus” caused people to start scrambling across the field.

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A police officer at the scene said people were yelling “gun, gun” during the incident.

Another Twitter user said he “never actually heard any shots fired but someone may have yelled gun or saw someone with one. The backyard was absolutely packed tonight, too.”

First Coast News reached out to Duval County Public Schools for comment on the incident.

Last year at the Raines-Lee game, a grill was knocked over and caused a scare, according to previous reports.