All bridges except the SR 206 Bridge to Anastasia Island are expected to reopen at 4 p.m., says the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

The Usina Bridge to Vilano Breach are to open, as well, including all bridges to Anastasia Island. That means the Bridge of Lions, SR 312 Bridge and Matanzas Inlet Bridge.

However, the Shands Bridge will remain closed until further notice as the Florida Department of Transportation works to restore access.

The SR 206 was to open as well as the others, but after FDOT crews found previously unnoticed damage to the bridge that will have to be repaired.

Authorities urge everyone returning to watch out for standing water, flooding, debris and domestic or wild animals that may be stranded after the storm.

Remember, too, that water and sewage services may not be restored - and don't expect power to be on, either. All residents in Anastasia Island should boil their water before using it for at least 48 hours. You'll need to get the water to a rolling boil for at least a minute before using it for cooking or drinking.

That boil water advisory is as a precaution.