It's far from a named storm, in fact, right now, it's just a bunch of clouds.

Our First Coast News Storm Experts are keeping an eye on this "disturbance," but according to Meteorologist Steve Fundaro, it's just a bunch of clouds.

99L, as the clouds are called right now, is bubbling east of the Leeward Islands in the Atlantic. According to the latest information from the National Weather Service says that the chances for an actual storm to form in the next 48 hours are around 0 percent.

However, the chances of it forming into a storm over the next five days are somewhere around 40 percent.

This is not cause for alarm, however. The earliest tracks have the storm hooking to the west and avoiding Florida's shores directly. Meteorologist Mike Prangley said it would be good news for surfers, as they may see some swells, but at this point, a lot of rain is not projected.