JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Hurricane Matthew left no parts of Duval County unscathed after rolling through Friday.

Northside residents, many who didn't evacuate, say they're happy the storm didn't hit as a deadly category 4, but still saw significant damage in some areas.

In one instance, a power pole was snapped in half on Bucknell Avenue. Residents are still without power throughout the area late on Saturday, but JEA is working around the clock to restore service.

A large tree fell in front of a vacant home on another road while in another instance a tree fell atop power lines into the street, creating a dangerous situation for those nearby.

The Chat's Henny went out to speak with residents. One told her that she didn't evacuate or get scared - she put her faith in the Lord.

As the sun set Saturday night, police were out in many intersections directing traffic as the power remained out.

Moving into Sunday and into the regular week, residents will work with city crews on cleanup and returning to normalcy.