ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla.—Residents saw the full force of Hurricane Matthew Wednesday after a new inlet was created.

“God took his hand and put it over mine," says George Linardos.

He lives on the edge of Old A1A. His home was not damaged.

“Everything went under the house. I feel bad for the homeowners some of them have come down to my house in tears. Some of them grew up in these houses,” he says.

Days after the Hurricane people came to look at one of the hardest hit areas of the county.

“I live a little further in on the island but I feel for these people. My heart goes out to them. This is terrible," says Joe Hostetter.

He says he is shocked to see how strong the hurricane was.

“There were 12-by-10 sections of assault that were eight inches thick that were just flown onto the property.”

The force of the hurricane wind was so strong it created a new view from Linardos’ home.

“It cut a new inlet there and its wide and its deep," says Linardos.

Hostetter says it may seem cliché, but they will rebuild because everyone in this community helps each other.

“People check up on each other, they care about each other. When the weather gets bad like this, everybody thinks about their neighbors.”

FEMA is in the county surveying the damage.