JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We are just three weeks away from one of the biggest events of the year!

The 4th annual PorchFest kicks off on November 4 in the Historic Springfield District, but before it gets here, the community says the city needs to take swift action to keep people safe.

Lurking in the streets of Springfield are massive pot holes, some measuring 2-feet-deep.

Making the situation more concerning is the fact that a 5K race will take place right before the festival. As of right now, their route is covered in hazardous holes in the road.

Christina Parrish Stone, the Executive Director for the Springfield Preservation and Revitalization Council, reached out to Public Works to find a solution before the event.

“They’re actually much deeper than the normal pot hole and in my opinion much more dangerous,” Stone said.

She says there are hundreds of holes. She passed along the information to the city and says she is confident they will do something, she just hopes it is fast enough.

“He assured me right away that he would address it,” she said.

Springfield resident Barbara Lee also reached out to Public Works. She says the city answered, but she wasn’t satisfied with their response.

“My cousin came by to visit me and she hit the hole,” Lee said. “They did send someone out with a cone about three weeks ago but they haven’t fixed it yet.”

Bill Hoff is another resident raising concerns. His wife’s car recently fell victim to a pot hole. He says many are hidden by debris.

“That one over there goes all the way in and there are piles of leaves,” Hoff said.

Many residents believe an aging sewer system and pipes under the pavement could be to blame. On Wednesday, JEA was out fixing broken pipes. JEA says they are looking into the issue to see if pipes are to blame.

The city says West 4th Street is a key priority to a reconstruction project in the budget this year and Public Works is currently assessing the hazards along Silver Street. They believe the old sewer system is the problem, but they said they’re still looking into it.