One week after Hurricane Harvey, thousands of people can’t return home. Brandon Foster is heading to Jacksonville from Houston after he lost nearly everything.

Foster evacuated Friday night before the storm hit. It wasn’t until Tuesday when he returned to his first-floor condo to check out the damage.

“I was in complete shock. I’ve been through hurricanes, hurricanes don’t scare me. I’m a Floridian we get them all the time. It’s the flooding and how bad it can get. I’ve never experienced that,” Foster said.

Ahead of Harvey, he spent days elevating his furniture and belongings, but the water reached up to the second floor. Now the only things he has left his car, a bag of clothes, and a TV he took with him when he evacuated.

“I’m just extremely thankful to be alive. I debated on staying that night [before the storm came] and I’m so glad I didn’t,” said Foster.

The 25-year-old spent the past week living with different friends outside of Houston. As for his job, like many, he can’t go back to work.

“I had to tell my boss I have nowhere to go,” Foster said. “My whole building, plus there’s more units, on top of that I’m just a fraction in Houston how big it is, so who knows when this will get done,” he said.

For now, he plans to stay in Jacksonville with family until he can get back on his feet. He says he’s thankful his situation wasn’t worse.

“I’m lucky I have a family in Jacksonville I can go to and I have my car, but there’s people that had it 10 times worse than I did so I feel so blessed,” said Foster.

Foster’s friend started a fundraising page for him to pay for new furniture and help him start over. If you’d like to help, click here.