UPDATE: Following the publication of our story, Gov. Scott's office released the following statement in regards to the shooting in South Texas:

“Governor Scott believes that no man who spends a year in jail for abusing his wife and child should be able to purchase or own a gun. The Governor strongly supports the Second Amendment but this is not acceptable.”


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Florida Gov. Rick Scott briefly commented on the fatal shooting in South Texas after meeting with representatives of the First Coast Manufacturers Association Monday to discuss his upcoming tax reform plan.

Scott called the Sutherland Springs, Texas, shooting that resulted in at least 26 deaths -- at least a dozen of which were children – an evil act and that people need to pray for those affected by the tragedy.

“We need more prayer rather than less,” Scott said in an interview with media. “We need to pray for all those families. It’s horrible when these things happen. It’s evil when these things happen.”

He referenced the terrorist attack last week in New York that killed eight people, stating that we need to pray when these incidents occur.

Scott also re-affirmed his belief in the second amendment, further stating that “I just wish there was no evil in the world. Evil kills.”

Scott did say he’s for methods of preventing violence in the Florida Legislature, but he didn’t mention any direct actions that he would be doing to curb this form of domestic terrorism.

He did, however, say that we should invest in more law enforcement across the state.

He said his focus is on providing jobs for the people of Florida, providing good education to children and providing safety to all. He cited that Florida is at a 46-year low in Florida’s crime rate over the entire state. He said 46 counter-terrorism experts were added to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as a part of his budget.

Aside from discussing national news, Scott touted his 2018-2019 recommended budget, stating he wants to add an extra two weeks to the state’s sales tax holiday so Florida residents could stock up on hurricane supplies. He also wants to extend the sales tax-free weekend for school supply shopping to 10 days next year.

“We have the money to do this,” said Scott, whose proposal is slated to be $180 million.

The other portion of his proposal seeks to reduce the current cost of driver’s licenses from $48 to $20, the fee’s original amount preceding 2009.

“I am proud to cut them by more than 58 percent to help every Floridian when they renew their license," Scott said in a statement.

Scott said he met with Vice President Mike Pence to discuss federal tax cuts

“I know it’ll create jobs,” Scott said at the press conference. “We’ve added 1.3 million jobs. Our revenues are growing. We’re paying down our debt. It works in our state.”

He’s also working on a provision that would make it harder for government officials in Tallahassee to raise taxes in the future.

Scott also discussed media reports of sexual harassment in Tallahassee, saying that he expects people in the capital to act with the utmost respect and dignity.

“It’s disgusting, it’s wrong,” Scott said during the press conference. “There should be no corruption in politics.”