BRUNSWICK, Ga. - A daily midnight curfew was put in place for residents in Glynn County on Thursday.

The curfew was issued by the Glynn County Board of Commissioners and the City of Brunswick. The curfew will last until 5 a.m. on Friday. It will also be in place on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night.

The curfew comes after the Board of Commissioners ordered a mandatory evacuation of the entire county.

During a curfew, it is prohibited for any person to appear in public in the territory subject to the curfew, including but not limited to, streets, highways, alleys, sidewalks, vacant lots, parks, public buildings or any other public places in unincorporated Glynn County, excluding Jekyll Island, during the stated hours of the curfew.

The string of curfews will end Monday morning at 5 a.m.