BRUNSWICK, Ga. - A Brunswick woman said an off duty officer and her 8-year-old grandson likely saved a woman's life.

According to authorities, David Leon Bell was shot and killed by that officer, after stabbing the woman Monday evening near 2100 N St. in Brunswick.

"He came in and he was like 'there's a man outside stabbing auntie in the neck," said Sandra Cohen.

Those were the words straight out of Sandra Cohen's 8-year-old grandson's mouth Monday night, after she said he went outside to see Bell stabbing Cohen's close friend, Erica Williams. The 8-year-old decided to go outside to check on Williams at the suggestion of Cohen's daughter.

Williams had been outside for a long time after receiving a phone call, Cohen said.

After seeing what was happening, Cohen said she ran next door and got the attention of an off-duty Brunswick police officer. That officer came out and talked to Bell and told him to put the knife down. Bell refused. Cohen said the officer fired three shots.

"He did a very good job of serving us in the community and protecting Erica in her time of need," Cohen said.

Cohen said without her attentive grandson heading outside at the right moment, and without the officer who lived next door, the outcome would not have been good.

"He probably would have killed her, got in his car and just left, like nothing happened," she said.

Cohen has since told that officer that simply saying thank you just does not say enough.

"When it hits that close to home, to me it was more than his job, it was like he was put there for a reason," Cohen said.

According to Cohen, Williams is doing well, considering what had happened.