HOBOKEN, Ga. - Officials in the city of Hoboken, Georgia are optimistic they could have their first city-wide elections in more than two decades.

“We had just enough people qualify for the positions so we were not required to have an election,” says City Clerk Linda Henderson. "August is qualifying so we will see what happens."

Some new faces will have to fill council seats because not all current commissioners plan to seek reelection.

"We have not had a city election in 22 years,” Henderson said. "You hope everyone is satisfied."

Hoboken has six commissioner seats and one mayor seat. Previously, only seven people ran in total for seven seats. The town is home to 525 residents, according to Henderson.

Hoboken mayor Charles Lee has run unopposed since the last city wide election in 1995.

"One more term... Isn't that what all politicians say,” Lee said. "I guess I've done a good job or got a job no one else wants."

Anyone looking to run needs to qualify by August 2017.

"When you have those qualify and you don't have any others to run...it is like it is over,” Henderson said.