BRUNSWICK, Ga. - A prayer service was held for the victims of a triple murder in Brunswick, Georgia Wednesday night.

The community held the service at the Zion Baptist Church where the Holliman family attended service.

The family was found shot to death on Sunday. Officers discovered their bodies after going to their home to do a welfare check. Turns out, members of their church called concerned when they didn’t show up for service.

Police said Christopher Holliman, 24 and his grandparents, Vondell, 63, and Carson, 64, were shot to death during a home invasion. The suspect has disappeared, police said.

In their absence, friends and family traveled from afar to find strength in a community.

"It hurts, it hurts, it's senseless, there's nothing good that comes out of this," said Joe Delaney, Carson's friend in school and on the turf.

"We played football at Glenn Academy," Delaney said. "He was a great athlete. Fastest kid in the county."

Lillie Frazier taught Carson and Voncell in the eighth grade.

"When I first came into town, I taught both of them," Frazier said. "She was a very smart little girl... You don't understand how hard it is. That family was so involved and that's how we noticed Sunday something must be wrong."

Rev. Craig Campbell spoke to First Coast News at the end of the service.

"We're going through some sad times right now in the community," Campbell said. "It affects one, it affects all. That's my crying call to the community: Stick together, lift one another up, encourage one another, continue to support one another, continue to show concern."

Law enforcement is following up on leads. They have no suspect information right now, which is why Campbell is pleading for the community to stick together in such a difficult time.