CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga.- A new $255,000 fire engine has been put into service in Camden County, the fire rescue department tells First Coast News.

The new engine, a 2016 Freightliner Rescue Pumper, will be housed in Waverly at Station 17.

The new equipment comes on the heels of a First Coast News investigation that found 60% of the counties equipment failed a test that shows whether enough water cam get through a hose to reach a fire. Firefighters who spoke to First Coast News were critical of the county's fire chief Mark Crews about the state of their equipment.

STORY: Camden firefighters concerned failing trucks, other issues could put community at risk

The funding for this new engine was approved before the First Coast News investigation aired. However, since it aired, the county commission approved another new piece of firefighting equipment, a 4-door pumper truck, which will be ready in 2018.

“We are very excited about this new engine,” Crews said in a statement.

“This vehicle replaces an older, more costly to maintain engine that has served its purpose and will now fall into a back-up position with much less use.”

The fire rescue department says they have spent over $2.5 million in the past four years to upgrade equipment.