JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Hurricane Harvey's impact is not only being felt in Texas and Louisiana, but it also managed to delay the funeral of JSO's oldest retired member, Sgt. Earl Williamson.

Williamson joined the force back in 1942. He died last week at 100 years old in Houston where he was living. His family who drove to Jacksonville from Houston is still waiting for his arrival.

"I was concerned about the wait and how much time you can hold a body before it's buried," said Clyde Beahm, a family member.

Beahm left for Jacksonville in preparation of his father-in-law's funeral service.

Williamson had a United flight scheduled to depart Houston and arrive in Jacksonville last Friday, but Harvey put a halt on the plans after causing catastrophic flooding, power outages and closing airports.

"We're thankful we didn't have to experience it ourselves, but this has just been unbelievable," Beahm said.

Beahm says the honor guard is still waiting for an exact time and date of Williamson's funeral, along with the Masonic Lodge where the ceremony will be held.

The rest of the family is safe in Houston, Beahm said. His home didn't flood during the storm, a sign he says is hard to ignore.

"Maybe Earl was looking over us to make sure we were ok. Who knows," he said.