Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown wants to delay her sentencing due to the impacts of Hurricane Irma on her home.

Brown was convicted of 18 of 22 federal fraud and corruption charges in May. Her sentencing is scheduled for November 16.

She is asking for a delay of at least four months for the sentencing, according to court documents dated October 24.

Brown asked for a delay in the sentencing because she has been "displaced from her home" since September 9 due to damage caused by Hurricane Irma.

A document filed with the U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida - Jacksonville division states that Brown's home suffered extensive damage and many of her personal papers were destroyed.

Brown's motion to continue sentencing states that the damage "severely affected her and others in their ability to assist defense counsel in preparing for sentencing."

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently informed Brown that her home was inhabitable, according to the document.

The prosecution filed the following response to Brown's request on Wednesday:

Corrine Brown’s Motion to Continue the Sentencing Hearing (Doc. 205) is without merit and should be denied. Brown’s bare bones motion—filed two days before she is required to submit objections to the initial Pre-Sentence Report (PSR)— cites her loss of “personal papers and effects” during Hurricane Irma as a basis to justify a four-month continuance without any explanation as to how such loss renders her incapable of preparing for her sentencing on November 16. The undersigned is not aware of any other criminal case pending in the Jacksonville Division where a sentencing hearing scheduled nine weeks after the passage of Hurricane Irma has been continued (much less for four months) because of the storm. Brown should be treated no differently than any other defendant similarly affected by Hurricane Irma, and her sentencing should proceed as scheduled on November 16, 2017.