JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It’s a local decision that you’ll see at the bottom of your ballot if you are a Duval County voter and it could bring more money to Jacksonville.

Currently, playing slot machines is illegal in Jacksonville. In a few weeks it will be up to you the voter to decide if that will change.

It’s called County Referendum 1. If this passes, Slot Machines will be placed at the Best Bet Jacksonville location.

Supporters say it will create thousands of jobs, be heavily regulated and the city will also get a cut of the revenue.

Many people are split on the decision.

Chase Evans said he is voting yes for the referendum.

" It would bring money to the city and it would be good overall and help out with taxes and money,” said Evans.

Abyona Grant is not in favor of gambling but said she may vote for the referendum for this reason.

"Being new here to Jacksonville, there are many opportunities for the funding to help build up many areas like downtown funding. So personally I wouldn't but from a business standpoint I would," said Grant.

The slot machines would only be at the Best Bet Jacksonville location.

It's estimated that as much as $5 million would go to the city budget.