A proposal to cut the cost of a Florida Drivers License from $48 to $20 headlines a list of tax and fee cuts Florida Governor Rick Scott is pushing for next year's legislative session, his last as governor before his term ends in January 2019.

"These fees were raised in 2009 before I came into office, and I am proud to cut them by more than 58 percent to help every Floridian when they renew their license." Scott said in a statement.

Other parts of the governors proposal include adding two extra weeks to the state's sales tax holiday for stocking up on hurricane supplies and extending the sales tax free weekend for school supply shopping to 10 days next year.

"Cutting taxes works and the rest of the nation needs to follow Florida’s lead. I am also fighting to make it harder for politicians to raise taxes in the future and I look forward to working with the Legislature during the upcoming session on these proposals.” Scott said.

The total price tag for the governor's proposal is $180 million.

He will be in Jacksonville Monday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. to tout his tax and fee cut plan.