JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The 'run, hide, fight' methodology is what law enforcement advises to do if someone is caught in the middle of a shooting, but first responders say there's more you can do to be better prepared.

Trauma training courses for paramedics are also now available to civilians and corporations, like Critical Action Safety Center on Atlantic Boulevard.

The center can train employees with how to use tactical medicine or basic first aid.

Maybe have a couple of team leads do it and they can be in charge of that particular floor," says Commander Chuck Mulligan with the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office. "Meanwhile, law enforcement can help devise an escape plan."

He says anyone can be prepared with just a simple backpack, filled with first aid and specialized trauma items, like a tourniquet or gauze. He recommends getting help or training from his friend Deputy William “BJ” Hall, a paramedic with the sheriff's office.

Hall sent First Coast News a detailed response about how to handle workplace shootings and what kind of gear to have at the ready in a bag (the remainder of this article is written by Hall):

“What I would recommend for the general public is to be prepared for the worst," Hall says. "Everything starts with the mindset; you have to have the mindset that is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

After that, it’s about preparing yourself both mentally and physically to handle whatever event should happen. If you train yourself to be prepared and you have the equipment to handle an event, it greatly increases your chance of survival.

I would recommend that ever work place have not only a basic first kit, but also have a major hemorrhage kit that has at least some of these Items: tourniquets, hemostatic agents, bandages and basic airway control devices.

There are a lot of companies that are starting to install these types of kits in the workplace and other public areas. It will not be long before these types of kits will be as standard as the AEDs.

Bleeding to death is leading cause of death in events where people survive the initial attack. You can bleed to death in 3 - 5 minutes from a major hemorrhage.

If someone is injured in an active shooter event or other work place violence and their death is not immediate, bleeding to death is most likely going to be the cause of death.

There is going to be an immediate response for law enforcement and EMS, however, there is going to be a delay. It takes time to relay the information from the first 911 call to the responding units, locations of the responding units in relation to locations of the event, traffic, and other factors will come into play that could cause a delay.

Each minute that passes decreases the chance of survival of the victims. By having the equipment to begin the treatment and stop or slow down the bleeding will in turn increase the chance of survival.

Having the equipment is only have the battle, you have to train your employee’s on the proper use of the medical equipment, just the way that a lot of employees are trained in CPR/AED and first aid.
Below is one the kit that is being installed in a lot of work places, schools, and public places.


The Tramedic™ Cabinet Kit is designed for use in industrial facilities, educational facilities, sporting venues, and areas where a larger number of people are present. It is slightly smaller than our larger Wall Mounted Kit and is housed in a wall-mounted case. They can be locked or integrated into your current alarm system. The removable soft case has a top-mounted easy-carry handle.

Each kit arrives with our individual sub kits and are easily identifiable by number, color code, text, or icons. The kits are also bilingual with English text prominently displayed and supported by Spanish sub-titles.

This is the tourniquet that is carried by both the St. Johns County Sheriff’s office and JFRD.


QuikClot® Combat Gauze® Z-Fold is a soft, white, sterile, nonwoven gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inert mineral that does not contain animal or human proteins or botanicals. QuikClot® Combat Gauze® Z-Fold is an improvement on the original QuikClot® Combat Gauze®. As a result of feedback from the US Military, Z-Medica improved the QuikClot® Combat Gauze® product by making it z-folded, vacuum packed, and with an X-ray detectable strip. The QuikClot® Combat Gauze® Z-Fold is even easier to apply since the gauze is in a z-fold format, which makes packing wounds easier and eliminates the risk of the roll falling away and getting contaminated. The vacuum packed feature of the QuikClot® Combat Gauze® Z-Fold makes it much more compact, saving room on your body.

Each of these devices can and have saved many lives, However if the person that is attempting to use these devices is not training in the proper use there is a chance that they will not be effect in controlling to the bleed.”