JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- A glitch in Florida Blue's automatic payment processing system means some customers have had thousands of dollars mistakenly taken from their bank accounts.

Florida Blue spokesman Tom Woods tells First Coast News that they are still trying to determine the scale of the error and how it happened.

The company posted an apology for the incident to their Facebook page Monday, stating that the mistake happened over the weekend and acknowledged it caused some people's bank accounts to become overdrawn.

One Jacksonville small business owner tells First Coast News that his account had over $22,000 withdrawn from their account, which forced their business to temporarily close on Monday. That business owner says because of the glitch, he cannot pay vendors or make his payroll.

“I had an overdrawn account by over $22,000 and a $367.28 premium which charged 62 times...What am I supposed to tell my employees tonight that are going home without a paycheck?,” said the man.

Another customer shared her bank statement showing withdrawals totaling over $45,000 from her account.

A customer shared her statement with First Coast News, showing over $45,000 in withdrawals by Florida Blue this weekend. 

Another person in Jacksonville posted that their bank account is overdrawn by more than $2400 due to withdrawals and fees.

Florida Blue says they have temporarily stopped auto-drafts from bank accounts and that they will cover bank fees incurred by members. The company also says that the incident will not impact anyone's health care coverage.

At this point, Florida Blue does not have a timeline for when customers will receive refunds.

If you have Florida Blue payments withdrawn from your bank account, you should check your statement to see if you have been impacted.

First Coast News will have more on this developing story on First Coast News at 5 p.m.