HASTINGS, Fla. -- This weekend's nor'easter brought flooding to the First Coast.

Some of the flooding hit near the center of Hastings, where First Coast News measured roughly one foot of water at Main Street and State Road 207 early Monday morning.

The heavy flooding meant people couldn't get to or from their homes.

While those waters near Main Street receded, other areas around town Monday were still inundated with water.

Areas on the southern end of town like Cracker Swamp Road were covered with water and closed. Some people decided to brave the two to three feet of water in their pickup trucks.

Neal McDermott's property in southern Hastings received water on the inside. Thankfully, his lowest floor was already gutted after Irma.

This isn't his first time dealing with flooding. His previous homes along the New Jersey coast and in Pennsylvania have also flooded, he said.

"Moved here, farmland, thought it was safe, it's flooded twice. Neighbors say it's never happened," McDermott said.

Johnny Counts is the Chairman of the Hastings Drainage District. He said Irma and the nor'easter created the perfect storm for flooding. Residents said they hadn't seen flooding to this extent in 50 years.

The water should recede significantly in a couple days. The flooding is hard to prevent, Counts said.

"I don't know how you can prevent those kind of weather events. It's a situation where they knew it was coming, we were prepared for a lot of things, nobodies prepared for an event they haven't seen before," Count said.

While McDermott's property is surrounded by two feet of water in spots, he jokes about moving.

"Sometimes I think I should find a mountain. I like Colorado too," McDermott said.

But he said despite it all, he still loves it in Florida.

"I need some dry weather and a low tide on the St. Johns to help carry this water out of here," he said.