ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. - It seems like everywhere you look in St. Simons this weekend, it's all red and black and Bulldog. From the shops near the pier, to what is so aptly termed "Frat Beach."

University of Georgia students began to pour into east beach around midday Friday.

"This year is noticeably more people," says three-time Frat Beach-goer, Maddie Anderson.

A rather rowdy Frat Beach two years ago meant an increased police presence for last year's frat beach. Business owners and beach-goers say that hurt crowds. This year, police have scaled back.

"This year they're a little toned down, which I agree with," says Wells King.

Maddie Anderson says she too, has noticed the reduction in police.

"I don't know if having less numbers is a good or bad thing, I just think they're trying to make sure no one else gets really really hurt and I think it's good to have them here as a presence just to make sure everyone's safe," says Anderson.