JACKSONVILLE, Fl -- Hurricane Irma's flooding and strong winds turned so many lives upside down, among them Arlington residents Dan and Molly Matyi.

"On September 11th this tree hit our home and it sounded like a bomb went off," said Dan Matyi.

The tree, which they said has a circumference of 9 feet, crushed the roof of their home.

"It definitely has rocked our world," he said.

It destroyed their kitchen and dining room and damaged several roof joists.

"Just scared the livings out of me," Molly Matyi said. "It looks like it may drop anytime."

The neighbor's removed the tree limbs but the tree is still in their yard, against the house.

They registered with FEMA on September 14 and they're waiting for an inspector to assess the damage.

"If I could get FEMA to come over and document what happened whatever they're going to do for us," Dan Matyi said.

FEMA has registered two million victims statewide. Spokesperson Gary Petty said inspectors are backlogged.

"We do have a backlog at work and we are working it, we do have good people on the ground," Petty said.

Petty said FEMA inspectors are getting to victims as quickly as possible.

"Rest assure those people who have registered will be contacted," he said.

The On Your Side Team provided Matyi's registration information to Petty.

He was not in a position to address the specifics of Matyi's case but said he will pass it on to the proper person.

He said the important thing is for all storm victims to register for disaster assistance.



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Matyi's home was not insured he says he's depending on FEMA's help.

"I'd like to know they got it all documented and they will do this or do that," he said. "So we can remove the tree and rebuild.'