JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The fate of the Confederate statues around Duval County is still up in the air. On Tuesday, City Council President Anna Brosche announced that she was not satisfied with the list of statues and monuments that has been compiled.

In August, a tense public meeting over Confederate statues was held. Brosche requested the city's Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services create a list of Confederate statues and monuments around Duval County to assess whether or not they should be removed and moved to museums or educational institutions.

Brosche said she is waiting on another request on the estimate cost.

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First Coast news obtained her email exchange with the Parks and Rec. Dept. explaining why her request had not been met:

"While this seems to have been provided to the media, I do not believe the document is responsive to my statement issued on Monday, Aug. 14, or my specific clarification in our meeting on Monday, Aug. 21 in which I requested an inventory of “Confederate monuments, memorials, and markers on public property.” As such, I am asking you to review your list to determine if you believe it is responsive to my request, i.e. Confederate monuments, memorials, and markers on public property. If it is, please change the filename and file title (within) to reflect a response to my request, and for clarity given that many outside parties are requesting a copy of the inventory you provide.

In our Aug. 21 meeting, you mentioned that you would be providing updated pictures of the Confederate monuments, memorials, and markers on public property that you were inventorying. Is this still your plan?

In addition to the above clarification request, the Southern Poverty Law Center issued a report in 2016 that includes a monument not on your list: Yellow Bluff Fort Monument. So that I may respond to anyone inquiring as to why such monument is not on your list, but contained on a readily available document inventorying monuments throughout the nation, please let me know your reasoning for not including that monument."

As they work to compile a new list for City Council, First Coast News tried to start a list of Confederate monuments around Duval County:

  • Confederate Soldiers Memorial located in Hemming Park downtown, built in 1898.
  • Monument to Women of the Confederacy off Confederate Street in Confederate Park, built in 1915.
  • Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park off New Berlin Road near Big Talbot Island, built in 1950.
  • Camp Captain Mooney Cemetery located off Ellis Road South and Harold Avenue, established in 1864.
  • Old City Cemetery off East Union and Cemetery streets, established in 1852.