A family on the First Coast says they saw their lost dog on a Facebook post, but the person who has the dog has doubts the dog belongs to the family.

Misty Black says the family dog, Loki, disappeared from the backyard last Sunday. Searches of the neighborhood turned up empty. The family was about to start handing out flyers when they saw a post on a local lost and found pets Facebook page.

“Same dog in a cage, blue collar, no nametag, it was him,” Black said. She said Loki’s nametag had fallen off a few days earlier. Loki is not microchipped.

Black said she contacted the woman who posted the photo to the page, only to be told the woman had given the dog to a couple to foster.

“She told us she had the dog originally, but because she had a black lab, I think it was, who didn’t like smaller dogs,” Black said. “She had given him to an elderly couple that she was friends with to foster him until the owners could be found.”

The woman, Black said, told her the couple would contact the Black family but that she, herself, no longer wanted to be part of it.

“She blocked [my husband] from her phone number and blocked him from her Facebook,” Black said.

The couple did contact the Blacks, asking for details about Loki. Ultimately, they said they didn’t believe the dog they had was Loki.

“And so we provided more information, more details, more characteristics that define him as our dog, things you obviously could look at him and see, and they adamantly said ‘it’s not your dog,’” Black said.

Black said she suggested meeting at a sheriff’s office substation.

“And they said that that was adamantly out of the question,” she said.

Blacks husband went to the couple’s house Sunday to try to get the dog.

“He knocked on the door, she answered and he said ‘I’m here to get my dog,’” Black said. “And she said ‘Who are you?’ And he told her his name and she said ‘Yup,’ and she slammed the door in his face.”

Black added her husband could hear barking, which he recognized as Loki’s.

First Coast News went to the home today and could also hear a small dog barking inside, but no one answered the door.

Tuesday afternoon, the woman who has the dog posted on the same lost and found pets Facebook page, searching for the dog’s owners. The post notes:

“If anyone believes that this is their dog, they should be able to give at least two unique and specific health and physical characteristics, which he has. Maltese dogs all look nearly identical so it is impossible to identify by a picture alone.”

Reached by text Tuesday afternoon, the woman said:

“We will not participate in anything the Black's [sic] are a part of. If they could identify two very unique things about this dog he would already be theirs. They can't and they refuse to meet for anything other then [sic] a pickup. I won't be bullied just because they want this to be their dog, it's not.”

The woman said she’s not trying to keep the Black’s dog, and if the parties were to meet and the dog responded to the Blacks, he’s theirs.

Black said that’s all she wants.

“If I could just do a squeaky voice of ‘boo boo!’ and make him run to me, he would,” she said. “But that’s never been allowed.”

The Jacksonville Humane Society reminds people microchipping your dog only costs $25.