A local family is pleading for witnesses to come forward after a young man was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash.

Andrew Miller, 23, remains in the hospital in critical condition following the November 8 crash.

“He’s a great uncle, he was about to join the military, he just got a good job,” Melissa Miller, Andrew’s oldest sister, said. “He was doing pretty good. Thriving.”

Andrew Miller's injuries in the crash were so severe, doctors didn't expect him to survive the night.

“A crisis counselor came in and consoled us and the nurse on shift held me and cried with me,” Melissa Miller said. “And they knew he was not going to make it.”

While he did survive, the crash left Andrew Miller with bleeding and swelling in the brain, collapsed lungs and broken bones. Melissa Miller said doctors warned her if he does survive, his life will never be the same.

According to a Florida Highway Patrol crash report, Andrew was riding his motorcycle east on Arlington Expressway after 9 p.m. November 8. The report stated he and an SUV were both in the outside lane when the front of Andrew’s motorcycle hit the rear of the other vehicle, causing Andrew Miller to be thrown from the bike onto the road.

But Melissa Miller said it may not be that clear cut.

“We just need answers,” she said. “I’ve been able to contact three different people who were at the scene of the accident right after it happened but didn’t actually see the impact of the crash.”

Melissa Miller said all three people told the same story.

“[Andrew] merging onto the interstate and this car coming over and hitting him,” she said. Melissa Miller said she also has questions about the timeline of the crash.

First Coast News reached out to Highway Patrol Wednesday to see how troopers determine the crash narrative and whether FHP would reopen the investigation if witnesses came forward with new information. So far there has been no response.

Melissa Miller said she’s pleading with witnesses to the crash itself to contact her to fill in the blanks of that fateful night. She said regardless of fault, her family needs to know what happened.

“If this was your brother, if this was your kid or if this was your nephew, you would want the same,” she said.

If you have any information on the crash, you can contact Melissa Miller on Facebook.