JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The loss of a loved one is full of memories; some of them cherished, some of them too painful to forget.

"I can't sleep at night," Vera Martin said.

Vera Martin's sister, Jacquelyn Martin, died Oct. 3 while in a nursing home. It has been a painful loss to her and her sibling, Jerome.

"I'm hurt because it is not only about the money," Jerome Martin said."It is about my sister's remains."

A pain that is being felt by her daughter Dominique Martin. She said this past Thanksgiving was very difficult.

"This ( blanket) is the only thing I got to remind me of my mama, I sleep with it every night," she said. "it is not right."

Martin died before the two-year contestable period on a life insurance policy was over, in effect she had no insurance, just the premiums paid up until her death.

The family was introduced the A. M. White Mortuary of Baker County. The owner said he could handle the services and gave them a discount.

"The family discount was something that we needed," Vera Martin said.

They say they paid Anthony Maurice White $1,800, he is the licensed funeral director and owner of A.M. White Mortuary. A check of his state license shows it is valid.

State records show he has been in business three years, but he is apparently so confident of his service that he has several postings on social media.

The Martin family says during the process the dates for the service were changed and even the price was changed. But they were promised Martin's cremains on Nov. 12. It did not happen.

We need closure and we don't have that," Vera Martin said.

Jerome Martin said he has tried to reach the funeral several times since the November deadline with no success.

"He won't answer no calls," Martin said. "I went to his Facebook. Knocked on the door and he won't answer."

On Your Side went to the mortuary and it was closed. White, when reached on his cellphone, said he was in Gainesville.

"I never promised to deliver the cremains," White said. "They have to come and get the cremains."

He said they were told that but the family states differently.

"He came to me and said he would help," Vera Martin said."But he didn't help, he has hurt the family."

The Martin family plans to go to A.M.White Mortuary to recover their loved ones cremains.

Meanwhile, the Florida Funeral Board is looking into their concerns to see if this transaction was handled properly per Florida Statutes.