Some expectant mothers were showered with free baby supplies on Saturday.

It was part of a community baby shower hosted this afternoon at Redemption Church on Jacksonville’s Westside.

Summer Johnson is seven months pregnant; when she gives birth she will be caring for three children under the age of five. Although her husband has a full-time job, making ends meet isn’t easy.

“It's been a long road we’ve had issues with preeclampsia with blood clotting disorder. I don’t know. Sometimes you don’t know where you’re going to get it or if anybody is going to help.”

On Saturday Summer was one of more than 20 Jacksonville mother’s invited out to a community baby shower for free baby items along with community resources like financial planning, childcare information, vaccination, and nutrition information.

Hyde Grove early education teacher Sandra Gbotoe came up with the idea after seeing the struggle to provide basic necessities within the community.

In January she formed Operation Blessings Community Baby Shower with help from local businesses and organization this is their first community baby shower.

“By providing these awesome resources and organization we have effective parenting,” said Gbotoe.

Mothers were chosen based on need by the organizations participating. All the items you see were donated by people from all over Jacksonville.

The event was held at the Redemption Church because of this event’s success-- Sandra hopes to host another community baby shower very soon.

If you’d like to donate to the next community baby shower send Sandra an email to