Warning: The above video has strong language.

A Facebook video purporting to show an employee at a Walmart McDonald's in Orange Park smoking behind the counter is drawing plenty of attention and at least one complaint against the fast-food giant.

The video, posted last Tuesday but taken weeks ago, shows an employee in gray take a drag from a cigarette and then puff the smoke directly above her while leaning on a sink. Well over 35,000 people have seen it on Facebook and 85,000 have seen a similar post on image-hosting site Imgur.

In the caption to the video, the Facebook user that posted it wrote, "So I guess it's ok to smoke inside McDonald's now. [SHAKE MY HEAD] THIS IS MY FORMER GM..."

We have withheld the alleged name of the employee.

The comments on Facebook were not particularly kind to the woman in the video. "She looks like a real winner," wrote one user.

"I hope she was fired," chimed in another. One made a joke about the poster: "Employees aren't supposed to be on the phone during work."

McDonald's Jacksonville-area public relations have released a statement implicitly acknowledging the incident but giving next to no details.

"The behavior shown in the video is against our policies and we have taken the necessary steps to ensure this does not happen again," says Joe King, the owner and operator of the McDonald's in the Orange Park Walmart through a PR person.

King did not elaborate on what 'necessary steps' would be taken and McDonald's PR refuses to speak further on the incident. They would not confirm if the employee was still working at the store or what their policy was on employees smoking at work.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation received a single complaint about the store in relation to the video and says they're following up.

Several commenters posted on the video asking what the Health Department rules were for such an act. While spokespeople from the Department said this type of issue wasn't their direct responsibility and directed questions to the Business and Professional Regulation Department.

However, in the state's health code, Chapter 64E-11 of the Florida Administrative Code on Food Hygiene specifically prohibits smoking anywhere near food preparation or storage and prohibits it anywhere utensils are stored or handled - which would include a sink.