JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - While the Shipyards are now closer to getting redone, there still have been no upgrades at the Jacksonville Landing.
Visitors to the Landing tend to aim their gaze towards the beautiful waterfront, instead of the empty, often closed establishments.
The loudest ambient noise midday Wednesday likely came from the water fountain. Instead of crowds, there's open space and even rubble.
"I think it just needs, generally, a facelift, that will attract more crowds and more businesses to come in," said Melissa Boyd from Mandarin.

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Boyd believes more greenery could help. "A little bit of color, maybe some plants," she said.

Sam Colver, from Arlington, would like to see more restaurants and more things to do. "It would be nice if it a was a little more lively, maybe a little more entertainment, more reasons to come downtown," said Colver.
A spokesperson for the owner of the Jacksonville Landing, Toney Sleiman, text messaged this statement in regard to redevelopment: "We're ready to collaborate with the city whenever they are. It must be a joint effort since the city of Jacksonville owns the property and Sleiman Enterprises leases the building."

The Jacksonville Landing is hosting more than 600 events this year. An Earth Day event is being held this Saturday.