A dog that was thrown from a pickup truck in Clay County is now recovering and will soon be adopted.

Staff at Clay County Animal Care and Control told First Coast News someone saw the small dog being thrown out of a pickup truck on Blanding Boulevard Saturday and brought it to the shelter.

Shelter staff named the dog Lenny.

“We weren’t even sure that he still had both of his eyes,” said Christina Sutherin, director of Clay County Animal Control.

Lenny was covered in mounds of matted fur with fleas nesting inside. Sutherin said his condition was the result of months or years of neglect.

“He actually wasn’t able to use the bathroom properly because everything had matted,” Sutherin said. “His toenails were so long that there was no way he would have actually been able to sustain walking on them.”

Staff immediately sedated Lenny and removed two pounds of matted fur from the four-pound dog.

One paw was infected because fur was wrapped so tightly around.

“The hair had wrapped so tightly around his paw that it was actually cutting off circulation and had it been left for much longer, he probably would’ve ended up losing his leg,” Sutherin said.

Already this year, four animals have been brought to the shelter after being tossed from cars, Sutherin said. Exactly one week earlier, a cat was brought in after it was thrown from a car on the same road as Lenny.

Lenny’s luck has changed.

Angela Taylor, a friend of Lenny’s current foster, will officially adopt him next week.

“You want to make them have a good life that they didn’t necessarily get before,” Taylor said. “He will never have to worry ever again about eating, he will never have to worry about mats, he will never be in pain again. He will be loved, every single day.”