JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Days after State Rep. Reggie Fullwood agreed to plead guilty to charges that settle a case involving his campaign account, The Florida House of Representatives have officially suspended him from the Florida House.

Reggie Fullwood released his resignation letter Monday morning saying, "I can't apologize enough to my constituents, supporters and family."

The letter says in part, "As you have pled guilty to a felony under the United States Code in the case of United States of America V. Reginald Fullwood, United States District Court of the Middle District of Florida, Jacksonville Division Case No. 3:16-cr-48-J-34JBT, and pursuant to authority granted to me in the House Rule 15.11, you are suspended immediately.

Read the full suspension letter here.

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Back on September 30, Fullwood officially left the House District 13 race.

If a nominee can’t run in the general election, state law says the party’s county chair has to convene its executive committee to designate a replacement. Fullwood’s replacement would face Republican Mark Griffin.

The punishment Fullwood faces hasn’t been decided. Fraud convictions can carry sentences as severe as 20 years in prison per count, but many factors affect the actual sentence. Sentencing hasn’t been scheduled yet.