The Clay County School Board attorney announced in a meeting Thursday night that he wants the county to get involved in a statewide proposed lawsuit that's challenging controversial education bill, House Bill 7069.

Gov. Rick Scott signed the bill back in June, which shifts hundreds of millions of dollars from public school funding into charter schools.

Attorney David D'gata said the bill "offends" boards across the state by taking away certain rights school boards have pertaining to regulating and taxing charter schools.

He said five school boards have already joined in on the lawsuit: Broward, Dade, Lee, St. Lucia and Volusia counties. He believes the lawsuit will be filed in September.

The major issue, however, is the cost of the lawsuit, D'gata said. He said each district would have to front $10,000 to $25,000 and could be on the hook of thousands of dollars more, depending on how the lawsuit goes. It could cost up to a half million dollars to fight, he said.

Some board members seemed to have a problem with what some are calling "writing a blank check with money the district does not have."

Clay County School Board has decided to hold off on making a decision on the lawsuit until their next meeting in September.