A woman has been charged with six different crimes after she beat a victim and allegedly threw a knife at her, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

Laura Zolla, 36, is charged with:

  • Violating a previous injunction for no violent contact with the same victim
  • Aggravated battery
  • Battery against a law enforcement officer
  • Child abuse without great bodily harm
  • Resisting an officer with violence
  • Animal cruelty

On Wednesday deputies from the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office arrived at the residence to find Zolla pinning the victim to the wall with a bed and using the bed as a weapon, ramming it into the victim against the wall.

According to the report released by the Sheriff's Office, Zolla also punched the victim multiple times during this incident. The victim reported to deputies that Zolla had thrown a knife at her a few days before, but the victim did not report it.

According to authorities, the victim had "extensive injuries" that were all in various stages of healing from the past few days.

Zolla is charged with child abuse because an 11-year-old threw themselves in front of the victim in an attempt to protect them and Zolla shoved them out of the way. Additionally, the victim told authorities that Zolla had kicked the dog multiple times. When asked how the victim made a motion like she was kicking a soccer ball.

The report states that the dog was hiding under the bed and appeared to very scared and would not come out for anyone.

When Zolla was detained and being walked to the officer's car, she screamed, "I am not going anywhere with you," and attempted to pull away, kicking the officer in the leg causing the officer's leg to bend in an unnatural way.

The victim also stated that when Zolla gets "in these mood swings" that she feels Zolla is capable of killing her and has threatened to in the past, according to the report.

Zolla has prior infractions in St. Johns County.