A 22-year-old son is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly stabbing his mother to death.

The Flagler Sheriff said Michelle Shimmel and her son got into an argument about him not looking for a job prior to the stabbing.

Investigators were called to the home on Woodhollow Lane in Palm Coast after getting a 911 call from Nathaniel Shimmel on Wednesday.

"I was on the porch in the back and I heard screaming and she was outside and I saw him like he had his back turned to me and I ran," Shimmel told dispatchers, a story that he's accused of making up.

Shimmel told the dispatcher he ran to his friend's house about a mile away. The man, he told the dispatcher, was tall and masked.

"Just now I heard screaming and I came out and she was on the ground. I don't think she's OK," He said over the call.

Detectives said Shimmel recanted his story.

In a report, Shimmel allegedly told deputies the stabbing happened by accident, and that his mother, threatened to throw him out of the house.

Detective said he told them they then got into a heated argument before he grabbed a kitchen knife and started cutting and stabbing his mother.

Investigators photographed Shimmel outside the residence and said they noticed blood between his toes and blood on his shorts, shirt and chest.

Detectives said Shimmel stated there is no God who would forgive for what he has done.

Authorities said Shimmel watched his mother die in the front yard and then stabbed her one last time in her back in an attempt to make it look like she was attacked by a masked man.

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