JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two people were found dead late Tuesday night on the Westside of town, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reports.

According to police, the incident happened at 7844 Collins Ridge Blvd, police first searched the home and found a female, now identified as 55-year-old Sharon Lamb, dead inside. They later found a man, now identified as 58-year-old Michael Lamb, dead inside the home as well, police believe they are siblings.

"Crazy that it happened in this neighborhood because this is a really decent neighborhood," a neighbor of the deceased told First Coast News. "I've never seen anything like this around here and I've been here probably for about six years now."

Another neighbor told First Coast News that an elderly mother would come to visit and stay with them on occasion. It is believed that she may have been visiting recently when an ambulance was seen at the residence.

"It wasn't like a dope house or nothing like that," a neighbor said. "I mean if it was something like that it say well, liable anything happened. But it wasn't."

Investigators suspect foul play to be involved but said there are no major signs of forced entry. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

The home has had two previous service calls to JSO over the last six months. One call was for a burglary and another was for a missing person.

Police say they are in possession of two vehicles of interest that may have been involved in the crime. They have a red Ford Escort and a Green Ford Explorer and say that the occupants of the listed cars may have been involved in the murder.

The son of one of the two people killed will be in court Thursday morning on drug charges, Andrew Lamb was arrested Wednesday morning.

Lamb was arrested on October 24 for having loose hydrocodone pills in his residence, which he shares with his girlfriend, Angela Craigo. Lamb has at least 6 other arrests and he served jail time in 2012 for hitting his mother, Sharon Lamb, and throwing her to the ground.

There is also a missing safe that was in the bedroom of Sharon Lamb which was listed as missing during the homicide investigation. According to the report, only the victims, their son Andrew Lamb, his girlfriend, and their mother knew about the safe. There is no word of it being recovered in the report.

At this time, the double-homicide case is wide open, Andrew Lamb is not listed as a suspect.

Neighbor Tiffanie Newton said that Andrew Lamb would have never committed the murders.

"I couldn't see him doing that. He was a big mama's boy, I mean, he loved his mama," said Newton. According to Newton, Andrew had moved out just five months ago to live with his girlfriend.

"And he was always coming over here to check on her and then telling us, 'Hey, keep an eye on my mom, please,'" said Newton.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call JSO.