JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The family of a man killed by his neighbor during a dispute over trash says they are frustrated that no criminal charges are being filed.

Keegan Von Roberts, 22, was shot to death July 20 during a fight with Michael Centanni, IV. Both were neighbors staying on Peach Drive in Jacksonville.

A disposition report released by the State Attorney's Office found the evidence in the case supported Centanni's self-defense claim.

Keegan's wife, Eliani Diaz Roberts, said she was sitting in an SUV with her husband following a date night around midnight. She recalled Centanni walked from his home onto her family's property asking about a piece of plastic trash. Eliani said Centanni had taped the trash to their SUV earlier in the day with a note saying to 'Pick up your trash.' Keegan had tossed the note and trash onto the ground according to Eliani.

"They started arguing then they started tussling," Eliani said. "Then it went from fighting and then [I heard] two gunshots and then a pause and then another gunshot."

JSO: Dispute between neighbors turned deadly

According to the disposition report, both men were armed and had concealed weapon permits. Autopsy findings confirmed Keegan was shot three times, once in the sternum and twice in his lower abdomen.

Eliani and a neighbor called for emergency help. Centanni also called 9-1-1 from his home and told the operator he shot Keegan in self defense, according to the report which quotes him as saying, "[Keegan Roberts] pulled a gun on me, I had a gun in my face, I had no choice."

Detectives reported finding Keegan's firearm underneath his body after JFRD moved him to administer aid.

Officials also found drug paraphernalia inside the Roberts' vehicle during a search, but noted in the report that neither Keegan nor Centanni had any significant criminal record.

In addition, surveillance video from July 4 showed the two neighbors arguing and Keegan brandishing a weapon, according to the disposition report.

Eliani said during that early July argument, Centanni used racial slurs against Keegan and his family.

"It doesn't matter if Keegan did or didn't pull out a gun on Michael Centanni that night," Eliani said. "[What people] need to see and understand is Michael already walked over to us with a loaded gun...he waited until it was nighttime and everyone was asleep to come and settle a dispute over a piece of trash."

Keegan's wife and mother Ceceilia Shepard say self defense or stand your ground laws should be changed if they protect Centanni who approached his neighbor's vehicle. The family's attorney John Phillips calls the State Attorney's decision a questionable precedent.

"The assailant, the aggressor can then shoot his way out and then not even face jail for a night? That's dangerous. That's offensive," Phillips said.

"As questionable as Centanni's decisions may be, Florida criminal law does not prohibit any of these actions," the report said about what led up to the July 20 argument. "In this case, the evidence supports rather than refutes Centanni's claim that because he feared Roberts was about to shoot him, he shot Roberts."

The family is considering pursuing a wrongful death claim against Centanni in the future.

Centanni did not respond to First Coast News' request for a comment.

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