On Friday, Josh Phillips will return to the courthouse for a possible new sentence.

Phillips was 14 years old when he killed Clifton and hid her body under his bed for six days until his own mother made the discovery. He was given life in prison in 1999. But a Supreme Court decision ruled that sentence unconstitutional since he was a juvenile when it happened.

Tom Fallis, the defense attorney asking for his freedom, spoke with First Coast News about why he believes Phillips should get a second chance.

"He was 14 years old when he came into this, almost 20 years have gone by," Fallis said.

Back in August, at his re-sentencing hearing, the guilt phase was already established,
what was next is for the judge to determine if the term of life behind bars is justified after looking over the original case and taking into account the defendant's age and circumstances.

The defense attorney asking for Phillips' freedom thinks he should get a second chance in accordance with the new law.