First Coast News has obtained surveillance video from the Florida State Attorney’s Office Monday showing the scene outside the Suite Nightclub near St. Johns Town Center during the early hours of March 24 when Sina Sharifai was shot to death.

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The video, from a camera inside the nearby Global Jewelry store, shows people lingering in the parking lot. Within a time span of about 25 seconds, people begin to run, then a car quickly pulls away, hitting a car parked in the lot. Following that, one person can be seen walking from right to left, appearing to be pointing a gun at another person. It’s unclear who those two people are.

Surveillance video outside of Suite Jacksonville, a nightclub at at the Markets of Town Center, where 24-year-old Sina Sharifai was shot to death. Photo: State Attorney's Office.

First Coast News also received video of police interrogating suspect Toray Anthony Ricketts, who is charged in the 24-year-old Sharifai’s death.

During the lengthy interview, Ricketts – also 24 at the time - tells detectives he had driven to the Suite nightclub about 1:30 a.m. from downtown Jacksonville, to pick up a woman friend. He says that he had at least one drink and that at least two men tried to pick a fight with him. He says he didn’t know the men, but that his friend might have known them. He describes an altercation in which he and at least one of the men fell to the ground, after which one of the men was standing over him. Ricketts also says he went to his car to get a gun.

Although he never appears to admit guilt during the interrogation, but when asked by detectives, Ricketts says he is a good guy who was in a bad situation. At one point, Ricketts appears to say “Maybe I was overreacting, you know?” Later, when the detective asks “It didn’t need to happen the way it did. Do you agree?,” Ricketts says “Yeah, I agree.”

At another point, Ricketts appears to ask for help or permission to speak with the victim’s family.

Asked of his background, Ricketts tells the detectives he is a non-U.S. citizen born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and that he has been in the United States about two years, working in the business of buying cars at auction.

Toray Ricketts is charged with second-degree murder.