A Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer was arrested Friday afternoon on charges of third-degree felony tampering with evidence and petty theft.

According to Undersheriff Pat Ivey, 45-year-old Jason Mann, an 11-year-veteran with the sheriff's office was conducting a narcotics search off of Dignan street when the incident occurred. During the bust, JSO detectives discovered narcotics and money at the scene. That's when officials say Mann took a $100 bill.

According to officials, another detective noticed there was money missing from the evidence pile and the Sargent had all of the detectives empty their pockets.

From that search, they discovered Man had a $100 bill that matched the serial number of the missing money.

Man confessed to the crime and resigned from the force. Police are concerned this is not the first time Mann had stolen money or tampered with evidence during a crime scene.