JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office announced Friday afternoon that two men have been arrested in unrelated murder cases.

One case involved a street party on September 28 on Fleming Street on Jacksonville's Westside. Police said the victim, Derick Hill, 37, got into an altercation with the suspect, James Dantzler, 31. When Hill walked away from the altercation, Dantzler shot Hill in the back, police said Friday. He was arrested without incident after tips from the community.

The second incident is a gang-related murder that happened in December 2016. The victim, Ramon Antonio Anderson, was found shot to death in front of a home at 5538 Catoma St. early in the morning hours. A suspected member of the 'Bloods' gang, Hassan Smiley, 33, is charged with the murder.

Police say Smiley and others shot Anderson as part of a robbery. More suspects may be arrested in the case, police said.

Smiley is currently in jail facing other charges including attempted murder and armed robbery.