JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- Federal agents attempting to apprehend a suspect got involved in a chase and shooting on Jacksonville's Southside, law enforcement sources have confirmed to First Coast News.

At least one U.S. Marshal has shot a suspect in the incident, our law enforcement sources said. No law enforcement has been hurt in this incident.

The investigation is taking place in the 3100 block of Meadowbrook Boulevard, off Beach Boulevard near the Alhambra Theater.

Many Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers were on scene, but a police spokesperson has told First Coast News reporter Jason Rantala that they are leaving and that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is now taking over the investigation.

An eyewitness tells First Coast News that a Maroon SUV was coming at him at high speed in the eastbound lanes Beach Boulevard. The witness says the vehicle avoided him and jumped over the median into the westbound lanes, nearly crashing into him.

A woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, ended up in the middle of the gunfire.

"My first instinct like I said was to duck down, I don't know why I thought the bullet couldn't come through my car but I was praying don't let the bullet come through the car and hit me," the woman said as she described what she called the scariest afternoon of her life.

"Lights came on instantly I was almost up on it before I realized what was going on and another one had passed me on the right and he had done a quick u-turn to sandwich the vehicle in between the two cars"

The witness said police were stopping a maroon colored vehicle that was driving in front of her on Beach Boulevard.

She said seconds after she heard gun shots she saw the maroon SUV drive over the median and flee the scene headed the wrong way on the eastbound lanes down beach Blvd.

"Oh my god he's going in the wrong side of the road, he's going to kill somebody and that's in my head but I'm hollering it out loud as if somebody's going to hear me," she said, "I'm just thankful that the officers handled it the way they did and were able to get him before he injured anyone."

Another witness gave this video to First Coast News. Allegedly this is the suspect being apprehended: