A Publix parking lot in Oakleaf that was the scene of an ambush Tuesday became the scene of a vigil for the gunman who tried to kill a Customs and Border Protection Agent.

"To that officers family, I am so terribly sorry that your loved one got shot in the back by a coward," said Jennifer Becht, a resident who showed up to counter the vigil held for Lewis Wednesday night. She and her husband said there is not place for a vigil where an innocent agent was targeted and shot.

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The 18-year-old gunman, Jake Lewis, shot a federal agent several times while the agent exited the grocery store with groceries in hand, right before taking his own life Tuesday afternoon.

"We're his friend before he did any of this he was someone's son, someone's best friend, someone's nephew, he's someone's brother you have to think about that first," said friends at a growing memorial for Lewis.

Friends said they're gathering where it all went down to stand up for the young man.

"We're out here just like they're out here. We're going to support our law enforcement officer. We're going to support that man who's fighting for his life right now that was shot," Becht said.

The gunman’s friends said they also have the right to remember their loved one.

"Just because we're out here standing remembering our friend doesn't mean we're disrespecting the cop, doesn't mean we don't care about the cop... that's not true we've all sent our prayers to the cop and his family," a friend said.

Police have not yet released the agent's name, but two thin blue line flags flew high in his honor Wednesday in the very parking lot where he was shot.

"I back the blue 100 percent," Becht said.